Mesquite, NV Launches SeeClickFix for 17,000+ residents

Today, the City of Mesquite, NV is launching SeeClickFix, a resident reporting app and request management system, along with Live Mesquite, a custom mobile app powered by SeeClickFix. Mesquite leads the way as a SeeClickFix partner city in Nevada.

Residents can now connect directly with the local government about issues in their neighborhoods like graffiti, potholes, illegal dumping, and more. The mobile app is accompanied by desktop tools that will allow residents to include photos, video, description, and geolocation of an issue. These digital tools will connect local government and Mesquite residents, allowing for two-way communication and up-to-date information about progress on issues.

This ability to communicate with residents throughout the process was an important determinant in selecting SeeClickFix. Whether a resident wants to engage through the website, Live Mesquite, Facebook, or over the phone, SeeClickFix is able to gather all issues and route them to the correct department and staff automatically.

The inclusion of descriptions, photos, and videos will help them get the job done even more quickly and effectively. The city hopes to engage more residents in the service delivery process, and keep them updated about all the work that the town has been doing and will continue to do.

This partnership shows Mesquite’s outstanding commitment to engage residents and increase efficiency and transparency. This is another step towards a more engaged Mesquite and a more connected Nevada.

Download the iPhone app here and the Android app here.