Blackfalds, Alberta Launches SeeClickFix for 9,900+ residents

The Town of Blackfalds, Alberta is launching SeeClickFix, a resident reporting tool for its nearly 9,900 residents today. The digital new tools, including a custom mobile app called Blackfalds Connect, closes the communication gap between residents and the town government.

Residents can now report neighborhood issues like potholes, broken signs, cracked sidewalks and more - with photos, videos, descriptions, and automatic geolocation. Once an issue is reported, the resident will be kept in the loop about progress on fixing it. While phone lines and older options for reporting issues will remain open, these web and mobile tools will make it even easier to engage a broader base of residents.

Blackfalds joins a growing network of SeeClickFix partner cities throughout Canada, which includes cities like Brooks, Alberta; Richmond, British Columbia; Humboldt, Saskatchewan; and many more.

Blackfalds is excited to increase transparency and engagement by providing improved service through a branded app for residents. Blackfalds residents can now be more active than ever, and start building an even deeper and more engaged relationship with local government. On top of the using SeeClickFix to engage more residents, Blackfalds will also increase internal efficiency by collecting better data, communicating with residents, and managing workflow.

The town government is committed to engaging residents in a meaningful way and increasing internal efficiency and transparency to meet the demand. With these new, tech-enabled tools, the government and residents can work together more easily than ever to create a better Blackfalds.

Download Blackfalds Connect for iPhone or Android.