Ben Berkowitz, Author at SeeClickFix

Cities are adjusting rapidly to changing demographics, rising populations and cultural shifts accelerated by technology. The rise of bicycles and the infrastructure designed to accommodatethem in US cities marks one of the most notable public space shifts. Simultaneously, there has been a rise in technology that has afforded more open communication about public space between … Continued

My favorite line in Micah Sifry's post on the sudden passing of Jake Brewerwas a reference to Jake's statement that he and Micah were part of the “Rebel Alliance.” This seems to have resonated with a number of other folks who paved the way for civic tech as well.A conversation with Jake about our collective … Continued

Personal Democracy Forum co-founder and editor Micah Sifry recently explored the larger context behind the WikiLeaks controversy in his book WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency released last month.Despite featuring WikiLeaks in its title, the book does not serve as a comprehensive discussion of the controversy and its leader Julian Assange. Nor does it … Continued