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SeeClickFix is not just a great way for citizens to get their concerns addressed by City Hall. In an era of budgetary pressure, it’s also a great way for cash-strapped municipalities to save money. This reality was highlighted very clearly in this insightful article in Government Technology.  The basic problem the article outlines is that … Continued

This week an article was posted on Wicked Local Randolph about the town cracking the top 10 of our List of Top Performing Cities. A long time ago our Co-founders came up with an algorithm (below) to allow smaller cities like Randolph and #1 ranked Tontitown (pop. 2,548) to compete with Chicago and Albuquerque (also … Continued

On January 1 SeeClickFix and CTNext welcomed the first three SeeClickFix Fellows. Michael Kaufmann, Steven Young and Andrew Williams joined the SeeClickFix team for 6 months. During the day they work on the other side of the office from their core competencies, engineers working in biz dev and vice versa. At night they work on … Continued

Council Member Ben Kallos is leveraging web tools to connect with citizens in NYC's 5th District. Kallos recently announced that his team has added a SeeClickFix widget to the Councilman's website at where citizens are able to input service requests. These requests are monitored directly by Kallos' staff, who are excited to be up … Continued

I came across this request in Holyoke yesterday, and wanted to share it as a great example of one of the thousands of positive customer experiences we see delivered by our municipal partners. Thanks for using SeeClickFix.