Today, the Town of Los Altos Hills, CA is launching Los Altos Hills Connect, a custom mobile app powered by SeeClickFix. Residents can now connect directly with the town about quality-of-life issues in their neighborhoods like potholes, graffiti, illegal dumping, and more. The mobile and web tools will allow for the inclusion of photos, video, … Continued

One of the most important tools for managing requests within SeeClickFix is the Map. Our current mapping tool has been helping government users for years, but it has some limitations. Today we are blowing these limitations away with an all new mapping tool called the Discovery Map. With the Discovery Map, you can now: View … Continued

Today, Swartz Creek, MI is launching SeeClickFix, a citizen reporting tool for its 5,500+ resident. Swartz Creek residents can now communicate directly with the town government on the city website or through a desktop and mobile app. Swartz Creek is joining a vibrant network of SeeClickFix partners in Michigan — over 20 and counting. The … Continued

At SeeClickFix, we are always looking for ways to improve speed and efficiency for our agency users. Today we are introducing a new tool that will dramatically speed up the process of finding and acting on requests in SeeClickFix. We call it the Sidebar and we think you’re gonna like it.