SeeClickFix Full Feature List

Mobile Apps (iPhone & Android)
Robust mobile web service for all connected devices
Free mobile apps for constituents
Your branding on SeeClickFix Apps
Native mobile apps available at iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace
Additional custom buttons (e.g. News, Events, FAQs, etc.)
Reverse 311 functionality
Custom email alerts
Configurable personal email notification settings
Custom branding on web interface
Custom service request categories and secondary fields
Custom service-level agreements (SLA) for each request category
Custom routing by service request type and secondary fields
Unique, automated emails to update constituents on service request status
Recurring custom Excel or CSV reports automatically emailed to admin(s)
All customizations can be updated anytime without any IT resources and changes are visible in real-time across all SCF channels
Social Engagement Platform
Dynamic, interactive map widgets
Vote for, comment on, add photos/video to and follow specific issues
Leverage media and community partnerships to reach more citizens at no additional cost
Partner more closely with elected officials leveraging Watch Areas
Integrate SeeClickFix as a tab on your official Facebook Page
Send status updates to Twitter
Admin Dashboard
Auto-assign and manually re-assign service requests
Date range report with breakout by request category, geography and channel source
'Acknowledge’ service requests
'Close’ service requests
Add comments
Bulk update for specific issues
Generate ad hoc reports
Create private notes and messaging between admins
Update with no IT resources required
Workflow Management
Assign issues to specific admin users
Admin follow-up notifications
Acknowledge and close issues from the field via mobile apps
Add comments and/or photo of completed request from the field
All changes made from the field dynamically update across all SeeClickFix channels
Audit logging of admin actions: Reporting can capture the admin user that reported, acknowledged, and/or closed an issue along with the related date/time
Field Apps
Task-specific web apps
Submit new reports with a single button
Apps resize for tablets or phones
Dashboard map view displays distance from assigned requests
Close requests with one click
Supported connection to your existing web-enabled CRM/work order system (e.g. Lagan, Cityworks, Motorola, Cartegraph, Maximo, Open311, etc.)
City’s CRM defines service request categories that dynamically update via API connection
Ability to have our map widgets reflect all service request types regardless of the channel used to enter the request into the CRM
Host Open311 Endpoint
API key management
Request rate limiting
Content filtering and moderation
Version updating and compliance
Inclusion in global discovery service

Now that you know all the features SeeClickFix offers, let's get started!