Improve Communication, Reduce Cost


Communication is complex

Managing your services involves juggling phone calls, sticky notes, spreadsheets, and tracking down field workers and department heads. Requests slip through the cracks, citizens get frustrated, work is lost, and projects fall behind.

Broken Gov Communication

It doesn't have to be

SeeClickFix simplifies communication, allowing you to collect requests and manage workflow all in one place. We offer intuitive web and mobile apps to maximize your efficiency and streamline your operations.

SeeClickFix Communication

Better communication increases participation, maximizes efficiency, and enhances the quality of service at a lower cost.

Deliver better service with SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix Admin tools are built around the four pillars of successful service delivery: Request Management, Work Management, Engagement, and Data Analysis. Each module has been designed and continually improved based on the needs of our government partners — who represent some of the most experienced government officials in the world.


Request Management

Your service organization needs a trustworthy system to improve data collection, work order assignment and tracking, and citizen communication.

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Work Management

Your workforce needs an intuitive system to efficiently manage assignments, information, and internal communication to improve services.

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Citizen Engagement

Your communications team needs the best channel to engage local communities and provide citizens with clear, understandable information.

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Data Analytics

Your management team needs a reliable tool to measure success, identify and mitigate risk, and offer detailed, accurate reporting to stakeholders.

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SeeClickFix will always offer a completely free platform for citizens and governments to connect around problems in the public space. Sign up free!

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Centralized request management so nothing falls through the cracks

Collect service requests via mobile apps, website forms, inbound calls emails, and tweets. Assign and route requests based on geography and type. Manage communication with citizens and staff from submission to resolution.

The Complete Solution

Everything you need to manage requests
from every channel, for every department.

Citizen Submission: Engage citizens, get accurate request data.
  • Mobile apps
  • Facebook apps
  • Website forms
Service Desk: Manage all your requests from one location.
  • Call-taker forms
  • Routing and assignment
  • Public and private messages
Multi-Agency: Route requests across agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Unlimited jurisdictions
  • Geographic routing
  • External agency routing


Better communication tools for better work management

SeeClickFix gives your staff, supervisors, and management the best tools to get the job done. Use our intuitive, powerful web and mobile tools to help improve your organization in no time.

SeeClickFix Work Spread

Integrated tools for communication and workflow allow your staff to focus on getting the job done.

Mobile Workforce: Replace paper w/ mobile and web apps.
  • Web based work orders
  • Desktop, Tablet, Phone
  • Easily bookmark queries
Workflows: Assign and route work, notify and manage staff.
  • Geo-based assignment
  • SLAs and notifications
  • Work orders and status flow
Communication: Fast and simple messaging throughout the agency.
  • @mentions on tickets
  • Direct 1-1 messages
  • External communication


Custom apps increase citizen engagement

Custom mobile apps are a great way to engage with citizens. SeeCickFix apps centralize services, information, and notifications into a single experience seamlessly integrated with your management tools.


Leverage the SeeClickFix platform to increase citizen engagement and accessibility.

Custom Apps: Promote your services and brand.
  • iOS and Android
  • Custom branding work
  • Always up to date
Mobile CMS: Easily manage all the content on your app.
  • Embed any web content
  • Auto dial phone numbers
  • WYSISYG editor
Notifications: Geo-based notification system.
  • Geo-based messages
  • Target points of interest
  • Organic subscriber growth


Better data, better decisions

SeeClickFix provides insight into your operations that helps you make better decisions. Our admin dashboards, custom analysis, recurring reports, and SLA alerts give you all the information you need at your fingertips.


Analytics designed to the specifications of local government managers like you.

Dashboard: See the health of services at a glance.
  • Daily activity
  • Issues by type and dept
  • Sources over time
Periodic Reports: Time based reports you can easily share.
  • Display responsiveness
  • Prove nothing is getting lost
  • Recurring csv exports
Data Analytics: Highly customizable analytics tools for deeper data dives.
  • Sort data in thousands of ways
  • Save as a bookmark
  • Export to pdf, jpeg, svg, png

Seamlessly integrated to your systems

Integrate SeeClickFix with your current asset, work or task management, CRM, or ERP system. We would love to work with you and develop the exact integrations you need to succeed!


SeeClickFix works with a wide variety of organizations with populations ranging from a few hundred to the millions. We would love to work with you to find a solution to meet your needs. Send us a note to get started!