Using Civic Technology for Code Enforcement

A Discussion with the City of New Haven, CT


Code Enforcement departments across the country have been using SeeClickFix to build more resilient neighborhoods for years. This webinar is a deep dive into on Code Enforcement department in the City of New Haven, CT:

The Livable Cities Initiative has been the Code Enforcement arm of the City of New Haven local government — handling a range of issues from blight to code violations. LCI field staff — called Neighborhood Specialists, have been using SeeClickFix to engage with their neighborhoods, report issues directly in the field, and followup with residents. In this webinar, we invite two Neighborhood Specialists to discuss their experiences.

You will learn about two topics in this recorded webinar:
-How a Code Enforcement department is using SeeClickFix to build community.
-How the City of New Haven expanded from one department to multiple departments — including strategies for internal buy-in.