Smart Cities Webinar

Crowdsourcing Citizen Data to Enhance Response to Storms

According to NASA and scientists around the world, storms are increasing in number and severity. Rainstorms, snowstorms, drought, and tornadoes are affecting cities everywhere — from our coasts to the heart of America.

What can cities do to respond to these increasing threats? And what do the citizens have to do with it? Smart Cities across the country have been harnessing the power of technology and citizen engagement to become more prepared pre-storm, more responsive during the storm, and more resilient post-storm.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the City of Gainesville, FL (with a goal to be the #1 Most Citizen-Centered City) has been leveraging both their SeeClickFix and Cityworks platforms to crowdsource citizen data to respond more effectively these severe storms: before, during, and after. In Gainesville, citizens can report issues around storms, keep updated on the status of storm-related issues, and see if a neighbor has already reported an issue.