Carbondale, IL

Sean C. Henry, P.E., is the Public Works Director in Carbondale, IL, and has a lot to say about SeeClickFix. Carbondale partnered with SeeClickFix in early 2016 to improve communication between its 25,000+ citizens and government staff. Since then, Sean has seen dramatic changes in the way he and his department work, with everything from better workflow management to more positive citizen engagement.

Bainbridge Island, WA

In 2015, the City of Bainbridge Island, WA partnered with SeeClickFix to increase communication between citizens and government staff for its 23,000+ population. Since then, Bainbridge Island has trained multiple departments to utilize SeeClickFix. With this additional focus on getting internal staff on board, the city has seen improvements in community relations even before they have begun marketing the tool.

City of New Haven, CT: Parks Department

In New Haven, CT, Rebecca Bombero serves as the Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Trees. New Haven is 21 square miles and 20% of the land area is in her domain — including all the trees on city streets. But she has a limited budget, so she needs robust, smart tools. That’s why Bombero manages her staff and park property with SeeClickFix.

Virginia Beach, VA

The City of Virginia Beach, VA needed an integrated solution to centralize their internal work order systems, while providing their 448,479+ residents with better external public services. Since 2014, Virginia Beach has been using SeeClickFix to integrate into both their Public Works and Code Enforcement work order systems, as well as their centralized CRM for their 311 call center. With better reporting and data from SeeClickFix, the city has been able to increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Howard County, MD

Howard County partnered with SeeClickFix to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance communication for its 290,000+ population.

Keep Huntsville Beautiful

In Huntsville, Alabama, they have developed Green Team, an innovative approach to addressing this issue that utilizes technology to engage citizens in public services. And they are seeing tremendous results.

Albany, NY

Albany New York, the State’s capital, needed a way to route citizen requests to the appropriate departments. The City did not have the bandwidth or budget to justify a centralized call center, but still wanted to provide a high level of customer support to its citizens. Albany needed a way to connect the customer service representatives that were spread out throughout the city.

Houston, TX

The Houston 311 call center serves the City’s 2.1 million citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With 30,000 service requests coming in each month, improvements in efficiency had the potential to save the City large amounts of money.

Vallejo, CA

In May 2013, Vallejo, California—a city of 118,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area—had an uncoordinated system for fielding non-emergency service requests from citizens and lacked a means of uniformly communicating progress of request resolution efforts. The city needed a lightweight platform that could be overlaid onto its existing distributed system and harmonize issue reporting through centralized management with the auxiliary benefit of improving citizen-focused communication.

Corona, CA

Technical Changes Improve Request Tracking and Enhance Resident Communication in Corona, CA