Houston, TX

Using mobile and web tools to maximize efficiency


Custom Mobile Apps

City branded iOS and Android applications with hosted content management


The Houston 311 call center serves the City’s 2.1 million citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With 30,000 service requests coming in each month, improvements in efficiency had the potential to save the City large amounts of money. Furthermore, efficiency improvements would also enhance the level of service that the call center was able to deliver to its citizens. In order to improve efficiency and service quality, Houston was looking  for a self-serve method for citizens to submit requests into Houston 311 easily and accurately. In addition to efficiency and service quality improvements, Houston also needed a means to promote the brand of its 311 call center. Citizen understanding and usage of the service was paramount to the success of the program.
SeeClickFix enables citizens to report problems without calling 311. A force multiplier for 311 because citizens can self-serve, which reduces calls to 311 and, therefore, lowers the Average Speed of Answer. Because of SeeClickFix, Houston 311 is now significantly more efficient.
Frank Carmody, Assistant Director, Houston 311


Houston 311 worked with SeeClickFix to build and deploy a branded mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The Houston 311 mobile app allows citizens to quickly and easily submit service requests from anywhere. These requests are submitted with all the relevant information needed by the call center including: location, category, secondary questions, and user information for subsequent follow ups. The app also allows citizens to find and follow existing requests in their neighborhoods—increasing engagement and reducing redundant submissions.


Last year, Houston citizens used the SeeClickFix mobile application to submit 12,000 service requests—improving both the quality and efficiency of Houston 311 and saving the City thousands of dollars.