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Return on investment (ROI) is a helpful tool for describing the relationship between the input of resources and the output of organization objectives.

In the case of public services for governments, this ratio is typically measured by the tax dollars put into a program divided by the total level of citizen satisfaction that the program delivers.

Over 64% of American adults use a mobile phone to get important, relevant information (up from 35% in the spring of 2011). Because of the increasing reliance on smartphones, local governments across country are using mobile apps as the “digital front door” to the city.

This guest blog post was written by Julie Reynolds of VEOCI (@Veoci), a comprehensive virtual EOC (Emergency Operations Center). The new world of software is all about combining "services" provided by specialized systems to create a less expensive and more efficient solution. Interacting with other systems is the way we work today. Data goes back … Continued

Almost everyone is on Facebook. That's why we've now made it easy to allow citizens to report issues not only from the mobile and website widgets, but also our SeeClickFix Facebook Tab. The SeeClickFix Facebook Tab can easily be added to your Facebook page is a few simple steps:

Most of our partner municipalities like to put our widget on their government websites. We've also made this widget available to easily and simply embed for free. Whether you are a neighborhood association, news site, or blogger, you can embed a customized SeeClickFix widget for citizens to report issues directly from your site (see some … Continued