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Product Release - v3.5

Work Orders in SeeClickFix

Work Orders help you to organize and quantify the work that is getting done. Think of Work Orders as transactions: they are well defined, individually owned and most importantly, they are actionable. Work Orders help you with three types of work: Requested, Planned, and Ad Hoc.

Product Release - v

Reporting an Issue and Submitting a Request

Next week we will be making a language change — replacing the word “Issue” with the word “Request” in all enterprise (non public) interfaces. This may seem like a small change, but we’d like to tell you why it’s a pretty big deal. Reporting an Issue SeeClickFix was built to empower people all over the … Continued

Product Release - v3.8

Find and Act with the Discovery Map

One of the most important tools for managing requests within SeeClickFix is the Map. Our current mapping tool has been helping government users for years, but it has some limitations. Today we are blowing these limitation away with an all new mapping tool called the Discovery Map.

Product Release - v3.7

The Sidebar Helps You Get Things Done!

Today we are introducing a new tool that will dramatically speed up the process of finding and acting on requests within the SeeClickFix CRM. We call it the Sidebar and we think you’re gonna like it.

Product Release - v3.6

Due Dates Help You Prioritize and Plan

We are excited to announce a new feature launching Wednesday, May 10th. It’s called Due Dates and it helps you to prioritize and plan your requests for service. In SeeClickFix, organizations can track response time by setting up Service Level Agreements (SLA) for different types of service. This helps to benchmark and establish goals for … Continued

Product Release - v

New Android App and Internal Workflow Improvements

We’ve been busy working on exciting updates for release this month: a new Android design improved internal communication with easy addition of @mention handles and enhancements to integrations SeeClickFix App for Android Completely Redesigned On November 14th, the SeeClickFix Android app will be released with a completely new look and feel to improve functionality and … Continued

Product Release - v3.5

Improved SLAs and Security Protocols

We have new updates to the SeeClickFix platform that provide improvements for our partners’ data analytics and issue management! Service Level Agreements (SLAs) used internally for issue management will now be calculated by business days (Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm) and account for U.S. Federal Holidays. This update helps provide better statistics and … Continued

Product Release - v3.4

Finding and Following Duplicate Issues (and more!)

Adding Followers to Duplicate Issues We’ve included potential duplicate issues in the Call Taker Interface. The “Potential Duplicates” are determined by approximate location (100m) and request type. These potential duplicates will be displayed as cards to the right of the Reporting Panel. Call Takers will now have the option to add the caller as a … Continued

Product Release - v3.2

Improving Experiences for Better Data

The goal of our Product Release this month is to improve the accuracy and security of your information, building trust between both citizens and governments and expanding the data collected when an issue is reported on SeeClickFix. Here is an overview of this release’s highlighted features: Adding Members to your Organization To continue building on … Continued

Product Release - v3.0

A Better Design for a Better Workflow

We’ve made some improvements to the overall design and layout of the SeeClickFix CRM – providing you with a more intuitive, enjoyable experience that is seamlessly aligned with your current workflow. The New UI To kickoff our improved redesign of the CRM, we’ve updated the toolbar on the Issue Page making it quick and easy … Continued