SeeClickFix Product

Product Release - v2.8

Faster, Easier Call Taking

As a call taker, your top priority is to accurately capture the right information when a resident calls in a concern. Based on your feedback, we’ve updated the Call Taker Interface for a more simple, faster way to collect the information you need when you log an issue.

Now, you can quickly navigate through the issue reporting process based on whether or not an email is provided in addition to identifying whether or not the reporter has an existing SeeClickFix account. You can also hide or show the reporter’s display name on the issue based on the reporter’s preference.

Our goal is to streamline the process of documenting incoming citizen calls while remaining true to the call taker experience and reporting needs.

The new Call Taker Interface workflow -

  • Click “Yes” or “No” if the reporter is providing an email.
  • If “Yes”, enter the email provided (if reporting as yourself, simply enter your own email.)
  • If “No”, choose the source of the report from the dropdown and click “Log Issue”. Reporters who do not provide an email will not receive updates or notifications on their issue.
  • If existing SeeClickFix users wish to have their display name published, uncheck the “Hide display name” checkbox.
  • New users without a SeeClickFix account will be identified by a generic organizational email until they create an account through a SeeClickFix email invitation.
  • As you enter information, a summary of your report appears in the “Report Synopsis” panel at the bottom of the Call Taker Interface.