SeeClickFix Product

Product Release - v3.2

Improving Experiences for Better Data

The goal of our Product Release this month is to improve the accuracy and security of your information, building trust between both citizens and governments and expanding the data collected when an issue is reported on SeeClickFix.

Here is an overview of this release's highlighted features:

Adding Members to your Organization

To continue building on roles and permissions in the CRM, we've added the ability to include the timezone, locale, and add a unigue @mention handle to new and existing members of your organization.

Pasted image at 2016_07_06 11_08 AM

Better Locating for Call Takers

We've increased the efficiency of the Call Taker Interface by syncing the map marker to the address text field in the reporting panel. This change insures that the lat/long specified by the map marker is always consistent with the address entered in the text field. Now, if you move the map pin to better locate the issue, your address will be automatically updated.

Reporter's Information added to Issue Details

When you are viewing the details of a specific Issue, you will now be able to see the reporter's information including their name, avatar, the source of their report, phone number, and an email link to their user profile.


Support for Lucity Image Attachments

We are now supporting Lucity image attachments, furthering the reach of our integration services.