SeeClickFix Product

Product Release - v2.4

Improving Call Taking, Extending the Network

At SeeClickFix, we’ve incorporated your feedback to design a more intuitive way to handle citizen calls in addition to adding new features for expanding our network. This month’s Product Release includes some foundational steps in a larger initiative towards building an efficient, dynamic platform for handling incoming requests and managing internal workflows and communications.

Today, we are releasing several UI updates to the Call Taker Interface, including the ability to log an issue for a caller without an existing SeeClickFix account, and a new feature that citizens can use to invite their neighbors to join SeeClickFix.

Here’s a quick look at new features included in this month’s release:

Improved UI and Functionality
  • We moved the Reporting Source and Information panels to the bottom of the interface to better align with your daily workflow and the immediate priorities of citizen callers.
  • We switched the reporting source UI element from a button group to a select picker, improving usability and performance on mobile devices.
Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
  • We extended the caller’s information panel to report issues for citizens without existing SeeClickFix accounts.
  • We built in an automatic email notification to new users inviting them to use SeeClickFix once the issue is logged.
  • We’re providing a temporary display name to serve as placeholder until new users create their display name and password for their personal SeeClickFix account.
Neighbor-to-Neighbor Invitations to SeeClickFix
  invite buttons neighbor_invites  

We added an “Invite Neighbors” button to that gives citizens the ability to invite their neighbors to join SeeClickFix in solving problems and improving their communities.