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Product Release - v

New Android App and Internal Workflow Improvements

We’ve been busy working on exciting updates for release this month:

  • a new Android design
  • improved internal communication with easy addition of @mention handles
  • and enhancements to integrations

SeeClickFix App for Android Completely Redesigned

On November 14th, the SeeClickFix Android app will be released with a completely new look and feel to improve functionality and user experience. The redesign provides a seamless interaction from one area of the app to another, creating a familiar, intuitive experience aligned to Google’s latest Material Design specifications.

Reporting Improvements

  • Duplicate issue detection based on location and request type
  • Location data from attached image automatically pulled into address field on issue
  • Ability to attach up to 5 images upon submission and when adding additional comments

General User Experience Updates

  • Bottom nav bar for faster navigation through the application
  • Cleaner design with clear, simple actions
  • Enhancement of prior "Nearby" section into "Place," highlighting nearby issues and a partner's custom branding and mobile buttons
  • Updated "Profile" page to easily access comments and issues reported

We're incredibly excited to launch this new design and appreciate the feedback we've already heard from our partners. This release includes many features that have been requested by our partners (specifically duplicate issue detection and address data from image upload) and we're thrilled to offer them now in the new Android app.

We will initially release this new design on the SeeClickFix Android app, giving us opportunity to test these new features more thoroughly and fix bugs before we begin re-releasing all partner-branded apps. We will begin re-releasing Partner-branded apps early 2017. For more details on the re-release or to inquire about a branded app, please reach out to your Program Lead/Account Manager.

Click here to get the app!

Improved Internal Communications - Bulk Add @mention Handles

It’s vital for your organization to communicate about issues internally. With @mentions, you can immediately notify another member of your organization through an internal comment. By including a member’s @mention handle within your internal comment, an email is triggered to notify that member. The @mention feature is a powerful and easy way to keep everyone informed about the status of an issue.

We’ve released the ability for Owners (previously called “Super Users”) on an account to bulk add @mention handles. If existing members of your organization do not have @mention handle set up, you can easily add the new handles in bulk.

  • Under the manage organization (previously “Settings”) area, select the Members page
  • On this list of users you can see which members already have handles and which ones don’t
  • In the top right hand corner, select “Add Handles"
screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-2-45-42-pm screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-2-46-02-pm-1

Integration Enhancements

We recognize the importance of seamlessly integrating SeeClickFix issues with your other work order management systems. To address this need, we are releasing a few new features that will improve these connections and help troubleshoot problems, if they occur.

SeeClickFix can now send image attachments directly into Cityworks instead of just passing over the URL. For partners operating in Cityworks 2014 or newer, when a SeeClickFix issue creates a Cityworks service request, we can now attach the image to the service request. This will make it easier for your workers to immediately see the image and respond more efficiently to the issue. As a reminder, we are also able to provide this feature with Lucity and Accela integrations. If you’d like to turn on this feature for your Cityworks integration, please contact your program lead.

From the Issues tab on SeeClickFix, you can now manually force an update of an issue at anytime. This enables you to bypass the integration’s polling schedule to immediately send updates from the integrated system into SeeClickFix. Under our default polling schedule, the longer an issue remains open, the less frequently we check it for updates, which means this feature will be particularly useful for older issues that you want to update quickly.

On the issues list or issue detail page, there is now a button “Check Integration” to force update the issue.


If the integration fails, an error message will appear on the SeeClickFix issue. This provides the ability to trigger a reset of the integration. This is particularly helpful if you know that your integrated system had an outage during a certain time period or if changes to the system caused it to stall. You now have the ability to reset the connection right from the Issues tab on SeeClickFix.


Linking Public Issue Page with CRM

We always look for opportunities to make our partners’ jobs easier through small enhancements in our system. A few partners had requested a quick link between the public issue page and the CRM issue detail page. We’ve added this functionality so you can now easily jump between the public and issue management (CRM) pages.