SeeClickFix Product

Product Release - v2.2

New Tools for Communicating

When we released the CRM last May, we built in internal comments allowing our partners to communicate internally on the work that needed to be done on a particular issue.

Today, we're are releasing internal @mentions on SeeClickFix - a feature that extends the capabilities of internal communication, allowing coworkers to communicate and collaborate on requests all in one place.

Mention Screen

Internal @mentions includes the following:

  • Ability to ping coworkers with questions ¬†about specific requests
  • Ability to notify administrators about status updates
  • Unique handles specific to your organization
  • Individual user handles within your organization
Internal Comments

Internal @mentions is the initial release of our new, more robust internal communication package - SeeClickFix Work - coming this Spring! SeeClickFix Work augments request, resource, and task management at every level of your organization by streamlining internal communications, simplifying workflows, and improving accountability and efficiency.

Mention Email

If you are interested in using this feature, contact your partnership manager and we will guide you through creating your first five @mention handles.