SeeClickFix Product

Product Release - v2.6

Our Creative Fuel

As a Product Team at SeeClickFix we have been diligently working to improve our design process and how we can better incorporate inter-departmental collaboration in our feature concepts and definitions. However, we know that this will only get us so far.

SeeClickFix is fueled by the passion and initiative of local governments and the people who use our online services and mobile applications to improve the communities and environments around them everyday. In other words, SeeClickFix needs you!

We want to channel your passion to improve your community and government services into the creative vision that drives the design and development of our current and upcoming features.

To this end, we conducted a Citizen Workshop here in New Haven focused on how SeeClickFix can improve communications between citizens and their local governments and hosted a Gallery for local residents to provide feedback on initial concepts for a new mobile reporting workflow.

Local residents walking through a new mobile reporting workflow.
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We also hosted Partner Workshops on the Call Taker Interface and initial concepts on how groups and roles can improve resource and task management in SeeClickFix.

The feedback from these workshops contributed significantly to an updated Call Taker Interface with optimized mapping for more efficient location search functionality.

Additionally, we've increased the speed of running reports on your account. Now you can run and export reports faster without having to wait or experience time out issues.

Next month, we will be releasing an updated Call Taker Interface that will simplify reporting inbound requests and streamline your current call taker workflow.

We are continuing our conversation on how to incorporate groups and roles into SeeClickFix and exploring the best solution for managing the communications and tasks surrounding an issue - from the second it’s reported to the completion of every associated task to the moment it’s finally closed.

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